Information Technologies
Rational solutions

Projects development

Full lifecycle project development of different levels. Main directions - websites and mobile applications.

+ Websites of various complexity

+ Mobile applications iOS / Android

+ Graphic design, UI/UX design, print design, WEB design

+ Full lifecycle programming

Process management

We are working with projects in different states of readiness. Choosing optimal solution, ready for responsibility for all cycles of development and solving all additional tasks.

+ Fullcycle of technical task preparation

+ Prototypes and usability research

+ Search engines optimization

+ Copywriting and social media marketing

+ General consultations, audit, analytics

Administration services

In all our projects we create and manage all necessary server infrastructure. This kind of service could be provided separately, including consultations mode.

+ Server architecture design

+ Scaling and spreading loading

+ Monitoring systems configuration

+ Data backup schemas developing

+ Optimization of existing infrastructure